Kenyatta University Foundation


Kenyatta University StudentsThe most important contribution Kenyatta University makes to Kenya and the world is the provision of quality higher education necessary for high quality of life and societal transformation. Kenyatta University graduates are among the leaders who shape economies and industries across Kenya, Africa and the world. As more jobs in the emerging industries require an education beyond high school, the declining State investment in higher education shifts the burden on individual students and the institution. As a result, higher education is increasingly becoming out of reach to many talented young people who lack the financial means to realize their full potential.

Supporting scholarships is the most direct way alumni and friends of the university can make a difference in the lives of Kenyatta University StudentsKenyatta University students. Scholarships expand opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students by allowing the university to recognize and reward outstanding academic achievement and by helping to open the University?s doors to students who would otherwise not be able to afford university education. Visit Kenyatta University Financial Aid Office Website

Support for Exchange Programs
Arising from increasing globalization and the pursuit of internationalization programs by universities, the exchange of students has become an integral part of university education. Exchange programs are often life-changing experiences which provide students with a broadened international horizon from which to draw as they enter the global marketplace upon graduation. Kenyatta University StudentsAlthough the university has signed numerous memoranda of understanding with other universities that specify the exchange of students, it has however been unable to implement this for lack of funds. Kenyatta University Foundation seeks to give more Kenyatta University students the opportunity to develop cultural awareness and competencies through a study abroad experience. Supporting students for these experiences will give them a broadened horizon as they compete for jobs in the global economy.